Martial Research Group

Martial Research Group

At its core, the mission of Comprehensive Fighting Systems is to research various fighting methods and extract the essential elements to produce highly effective martial artists.   This is accomplished by striving to reduce all fighting methods down to their common movements, analyze those movements, train the movements, and explore the endless practical applications of those movements.  It is through this research and development model that Comprehensive Fighting Systems has been able to produce highly effective combative systems in the areas of Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, and Empty-Hand Fighting.

Although the CFS subsystems have a highly refined and structured curriculum, we are constantly evolving that curriculum through the constant research and study of existing martial systems.  We believe that the most effective way to examine the various martial systems is through a detailed understanding of the historical, culture, political, and technological context in which those systems were developed and exercised.

To this end, the Comprehensive Fighting Systems Martial Research Group provides a catalyst by which the efficacy of historical and modern fighting systems can be studied within their original context in order to develop a deeper understanding of the arts and a higher level of physical awareness of the common threads that are woven through the tapestry of movement and mechanics that forms Comprehensive Fighting Systems.

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