KB4S (Kickboxing For The Street)



KB4S (Kickboxing for the Street) is a specialized program designed specifically for women who participate in combat-sport based fitness programs such as cardio kickboxing, cardio boxing, and MMA fitness.  While these types of fitness programs have found their way into virtually every gym in the country, most of the time they are taught by fitness instructors who have little or no background in functional combatives.  While the aerobic fitness and confidence building aspects of these programs are legitimate, they often develop a false sense of security when it comes to self-defense.

The purpose of the KB4S program is to teach women who participate in these martial arts-based fitness programs how to maximize their routines to develop real-life self-defense skills.  We begin by fine-tuning the physical movements to ensure that the participants are using proper body mechanics during their fitness routines, since this aspect is frequently overlooked by the instructors who lead these classes.  Then we help women identify the self-defense value of these movements by showing real-life applications, including targeting, personal weapon selections, and incorporating impact weapons.  We also add a few new movements that may not be part of the average fitness routines, but are essential for survival in a violent physical confrontation.  Finally, we teach participants how to structure or modify their routines to develop powerful self-defense moves while maximizing fitness gains.

NOTE:  While this program is specially designed and intended for women, the 2-day instructor certification is available to male participants who wish to teach this program to female clients. 


End State

Upon completion of this course, the student will have an understanding of proper body mechanics and how to apply the movements of their cardio kickboxing routines into practical self-defense using personal weapons and strategic targeting.  Students will also leave with the tools to identify their personal shortcomings and a training template for addressing those shortcomings.

Upon completion of the instructor level course (for current combat fitness instructors), the student will have the tools and skills needed to optimize their training methods to make their current combat-sport based fitness program into a functional, street-based self-defense program.   Qualified participants will receive a KB4S Instructor Certification and will be authorized to teach the KB4S system and use the KB4S brand.


Course Length:  8 Hours
Course Fee:  $200
Instructor Course Length:  16 Hours
Instructor Course Fee:  $350

Topics Covered

Basic Footwork
Distance Awareness
Basic Boxing Techniques
Basic Kicking Techniques
Power Development
Improvised Weapons
Anatomical Targeting
Vital Points
Personal Weapons
Skill Transitioning
Lethal Force Striking
Offensive Mindset
Situational Awareness
Pre-Assault Indicators
Legal Considerations

Required Equipment

Boxing Gloves
Hand Wraps
MMA Gloves (Optional)
Shin Guards (Optional)
Eye Protection

Training Format

Technical Development
Focus Mitt & Thai Pad Drills
Heavy Bag Work
Performance on Demand
Simulated Fight Scenarios


Elbow Strike
Focus Mitt Knee Strike
Knee Strike