Kalanu Fighter

Kalanu Fighter

Blade:  4.5"

Overall:  9"

Blade Thickness:  1/4"

Steel:  5160

Finish:  Cerakote

Retail Price:  $390.00

Purchase Link:  Kalanu Fighter

The Kalanu Fighter (Kalanu is Cherokee for "raven.") was designed by Chad McBroom, founder of Comprehensive Fighting Systems, based on his 30+ years of martial arts and edged weapons experience.  The Kalanu Fighter is a hybrid knife design that combines the strengths of the Filipino Pikal, a blade designed to be used in a reverse grip with the edge facing inward and reputed for its powerful ripping capabilities, and the Japanese Tanto, a popular blade known for its penetration and cutting abilities.

The Kalanu Fighter offers unmatched versatility with its double-edged blade design, allowing the user to employ multiple cutting, stabbing, and ripping techniques without having to change gripping methods.  The unique blade design also offers the deep cutting advantages of a Wharncliffe blade when the back edge is used to perform pull cuts or "ripcord" cut.  The reinforced tip allows the knife to be used effectively for snapping and plucking techniques and offers excellent penetration capabilities.  The angled pommel allows the thumb to be used for mechanical advantage when hooking the blade.  The pommel comes to a point, increasing energy transference when executing pommel strikes.  The bellied handle and strategically placed grip serrations ensure positive control of the blade in both standard and reverse gripping methods.

At its core the Kalanu is an alloy of Pakal of the Philippines and the Japanese Tanto. McBroom has over 30 years experience in blade arts, several black belts and numerous other qualifications and experiences, all of which he’s leveraged into his fighting system and the Kalanu. In simplistic terms, Filipinos fight with the pakal holding the knife blade inward, using pulling strokes while holding it in a reverse grip. The tanto’s advantages in point strength and penetration are well established. Thus almost the entire back of the blade is an edge, so it can be used for ripping type attacks and the reinforced tip can be used to deliver the snapping type attacks McBroom ascribes to an Apache knife-fighting system, wherein the hands, temple, etc. are targeted. The tanto design ensures prevents this sort of attack from chipping or breaking the blade. David Reeder, Saturday Night Blade Porn

The Kalanu Fighter is produced by renowned custom knife maker Barry Dawson and his team at Dawson Knives in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  Their high-quality knives are tested and proven to withstand the hardest use and survive the toughest conditions.  They use nothing but the highest quality materials and they guarantee their products for life.  These are just a few of the reasons Dawson Knives was chosen to produce the Kalanu Fighter.  Dawson Knives can be found on the web at www.dawsonknives.com, or can be reached direct at 928-255-9830.