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Instructor Certification

Comprehensive Fighting Systems takes a non-traditional approach to instructor certification.  Many “traditional” martial arts systems equate instructorship with the rank of black belt, while others actually include instructor rankings as part of their overall ranking structure.  CFS recognizes that physical mastery does not equate to teaching proficiency.  Teaching is a separate and distinct skill set that must be developed through education and practice.

The first step in achieving any level of rank recognition in any CFS subsystem is to develop physical proficiency within that subsystem or program.  All proficiency certifications are awarded through a formal testing process.  Upon successful completion of the testing, the student will be awarded the appropriate proficiency-level certification based on the material tested.

In order to receive an instructor designation, the student must complete the CFS Instructor Training Program (ITP).  This program imparts to the instructor candidate the established and proven CFS teaching methodology and established safety practices and procedures.  In order to complete the ITP, the candidate will be re-evaluated on all physical skills and tested on their ability to teach in front of a group using the prescribed instructional methods.


The following are the various CFS instructor levels and their qualifications:

Study Group Leader – A practitioner who has completed at least Level 1 of a particular CFS subsystem and has demonstrated a skill set that is adequate to supervise CFS training involving other students and an attitude consistent with goals and ethics of CFS.

Authorized Trainer – An established instructor of a martial art or other tactical discipline who is specifically trained in an abridged subset of a CFS subsystem and is authorized to teach that specific skill set giving due credit to the CFS curriculum.

Affiliate Instructor – An accomplished student of who has displayed the skills, understanding, and character to earn a recommendation as a source of training in one or more CFS subsystems.  Affiliate Instructors are typically experienced certified instructors of other martial arts systems.  At their discretion, they may include as much or as little of the CFS curriculum as they wish in their teaching; however, they are considered a source of accurate and reliable information for the CFS system.

Associate Instructor – A practitioner who has successfully tested for proficiency at the highest grade level of a CFS subsystem (the equivalent of a black belt) and has displayed the knowledge, understanding, and ability to teach thesystem

Full Instructor – A practitioner who has successfully tested for proficiency at the highest grade level of a CFS subsystem (the equivalent of a black belt) AND has completed the CFS Instructor Training Program and has thoroughly mastered both the physical skills and teaching methodology of the system.  A Full Instructor may promote students to the highest proficiency level within a particular subsystem.

Master Instructor – A practitioner who has received Full Instructor ratings in all of the CFS subsystems.  A Master Instructor is capable of teaching the complete CFS curriculum and may promote students to the level of Associate Instructor.

Chad McBroom is currently the only individual authorized to certify any level of CFS instructorship (this does not include affiliate programs).  The Comprehensive Fighting Systems web site is also THE official list of authorized CFS instructors and representatives. 

Anyone not listed on this website is not an authorized source of Comprehensive Fighting Systems, ExBatives, Advanced Tomahawk Application Concepts (ATAC), or Palm Stick Integrations (PSI) instruction.