G6C EDC Knife


Blade:  4"

Overall:  8 1/2"

Blade Thickness:  1/8"

Steel:  1095

Finish:  Forced Patina

Retail Price:  $150.00

Purchase Link:  G6C

The G6C, which stands for Got Six Covered, was designed as a defensive EDC (Every-Day Carry) fixed-blade knife.  A sleek Wharncliffe style blade design for maximum cutting potential to allow the user to cut their way out of any situation.  The narrow curvature of the spine paired with a very subtle swedge gives this blade some excellent penetration potential as well.   An aggressive triangle-shaped pommel can be used as an impact device for delivering devastating strikes, or as a window punch for glass-breaking emergencies.  The G6C handle virtually locks the knife in place when used with a full-hand grip.  The relatively compact size of the G6C makes it convenient for daily carry, where it can be worn underneath a t-shirt, jacket, or cover garment.

The G6C was a collaboration effort between Chad McBroom and Stacy Wright of Wright Sharp Blades.  Chad designed the blade and determined the overall length and Stacy designed the handle.  Each G6C is custom made by Stacy Wright and comes with a custom handle that varies in color with every knife.  For a more sleek carry profile, the impact pommel can be removed upon request.

Wright Sharp Blades is located in Graceville, Florida, and can be found on Instagram and Etsy, or can be reached via email at wrightcon@bellsouth.net.