Counter-Blade Tactics



Counter-Blade Tactics (CBT) is the CFS empty-hand system of defending against and defeating an edged weapon attack.  Emphasis is placed on developing the combat mindset, dealing with the dangers of the blade, and taking the fight to the threat using proven counter-blade techniques, tactics, and strategies.  From identifying pre-assault indicators to addressing life-threatening injuries post-assault, this course is ideal for civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel looking for a realistic and viable solution to edged weapon attacks.


End State

Upon completion of this course, the student will have developed the basic skills needed to increase their survival against a lethal attacker armed with an edged weapon.  Students will also leave with the tools to identify their personal shortcomings and a training template for addressing those shortcomings.


Course Length:  8 Hours
Course Fee:  $200

Topics Covered

Evasion Techniques
Interception Techniques
Base & Rhythm Disruptions
Seizing the Weapon
Neutralizing the Weapon
Improvised Weapons
Multiple Threats
Firearms Integration
Offensive Mindset
Situational Awareness
Legal Considerations
Wound Management

Required Equipment

Training Knife
Eye Protection
Groin Protection (recommended)
Kit (optional)
Forearm Protection (optional)

Training Format

Technical Proficiency
Structured Drills
Performance on Demand
Force on Force Scenarios