ARK Tactical Applications



The Active Response Kerambit (ARK) is a specialized blade designed for support-hand use in close-quarters, firearm-retention application.   ARK Tactical Applications is a specialty course that introduces the student to basic edged weapon techniques and tactics as applied to the ARK, with an emphasis on utilizing the ARK at extreme close range as both a stand-alone weapon and a transitional weapon.  This course is ideal for civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel who are interested in maximizing their capabilities with this unique and versatile edged weapon.


End State

Upon completion of this course, the student will have developed the basic skills to carry, deploy, and utilize the ARK as both a stand-alone weapon and secondary weapon in defense against a lethal threat, within the context of the law.  Students will also leave with the tools to identify their personal shortcomings and a training template for addressing those shortcomings.


Course Length:  8 Hours
Course Fee:  $200

Topics Covered

ARK Carry (Support Side)
ARK Deployment (Support Side)
ARK Deployment Under Stress
Footwork, Timing, & Distance
Angles of Attack
ARK Cutting Methodology
Anatomical Targeting
Live-Blade Training Drills*
Multiple Opponents
ARK Retention
Firearm Retention
ARK as a Secondary Weapon
Firearm/ARK Integrated Skills
Offensive Mindset
Situational Awareness
Legal Considerations
Personal Wound Management

Required Equipment

ARK Live Blade
ARK Inert Training Blade
Inert Training Pistol & Holster
EDC Handgun with Magazines
Magazine Carrier
Snap Caps
Inert Training Rifle w/ Sling
Eye Protection
Groin Protection (recommended)
Kit (optional)

Training Format

Technical Development
Reflex Enhancement Drills
Cooperative Fighting Drills
Performance on Demand
Force on Force Scenarios
Live-Blade Cutting*

*Class/Student Dependent