Solving the Enigma Book Cover



Solving the Enigma: Insights into Fighting Models, by Chad McBroom

Solving the Enigma Book Cover

The martial arts have long been shrouded in mystery, with fanciful stories of their pasts. They have been the subject of much dissent among those who examine their effectiveness in our modern era.  The truth is that regardless of their histories or places of origin, every martial art is nothing more than a model for how to prepare for and engage in a fight, whether that fight takes place on the battlefield, the ring, or the inner-city streets. Solving the Enigma will guide you through this cloud of mystery to discover the reality behind the martial arts.  You will learn a process for evaluating each and every martial art to determine its purpose of origin, the motivation behind it, and the mechanics that drive it.  You will discover the strengths and weaknesses of your own art and how to integrate essential elements from other arts to fill the voids.
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Enigma Ignorance Liquidation, by Oleg Maltsez
A counter to my book Solving the Enigma

Enigma Ignorance Liquidation Oleg Maltsev

A Ukrainian gentleman by the name of Oleg Maltsev has taken the time to write a counter book, for lack of any better description, to my book Solving the Enigma.   He has generously given of his precious time to make this book available in both his native language and English.  Since he has so graciously made this work free to the public, I have decided to make it available here on my website.  I don't believe there is any need for me to attempt to argue the contents of his book (not sure that I would even know where to start), rather, I will allow you good readers to draw your own conclusions as you compare his work to mine.  Good luck.


A Collection of Historical Fencing Manuscripts

A Collection of Historical Fencing Manuscripts

This book contains English translations of historical fencing manuscripts.  Wherever possible, the original author and the translator is credited.  All works contained within this book are either public domain or used with the permission of the translator.  Since many of the works contained within this book have been used under the condition that no profit be generated from the use of the works, the only costs associated with this book are those to cover the expense of printing.  No profit is being generated by the publisher.

Texts include: Paradoxes of Defence & Brief Instructions of My Paradoxes of Defence, by George Silver; Hanko Döbringer's Fechtbuch; His True Arte of Defense, by Giacomo di Grassi; The Sword-Man's Vade-Mecum, by William Hope; The Art of Fencing, by Monsieur L'ABBAT; Comprehension of Destreza, by Alvaro Guerra de la Vega; and others.

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