Keyboard Commando

Keyboard Commandos

“Keyboard Commandos,” “Chairborne Rangers,” whatever you want to call them, they abound everywhere on the internet. Combine that with a...

Russ Brown

Stay Bladed Founder Russ Brown

The Stay Bladed Martial Mafia is a brotherhood of individuals who have one thing in common–the love of the blade. ...

Style Me Tactical

Style Me Tactical’s Leading Lady

Emily Valentine launched Style Me Tactical in 2015, as the first lifestyle website to blend women’s fashion and firearms.  As she explains...

Complexity is the Killer of Execution

Complexity is the Killer of Execution

“Complexity is the killer of execution.”  This statement was recently communicated to me by one of my friends from Northern...

Kershaw-Emerson CQC-7K

The Best Defensive Folder for Under $50!

People are constantly asking me to recommend to them an EDC folding knife for self-protection. After all, I teach people...


The Deadliest Weapon

It has been said that the biggest problem with communication is that we don’t listen to understand; we listen to...

No Tossed Salads

Stay Away From Tossed Salad!

“I take the best techniques from every system,” “I use whatever works,” etc., etc., etc.  Eclectic or hybrid systems are...

Exigent Cirmcumstances

Exigent Circumstances: Behind the Scenes

Every once in a while, an opportunity to be a part of a truly unique project with some awesome people...

CFS Shot Show

Interview with The Prepper’s Bunker Outdoors


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