Advanced Tomahawk Application Concepts (ATAC)



Advanced Tomahawk Application Concepts (ATAC) is a modern, concept-based system that teaches the martial application of the tomahawk.  The tomahawk is a unique weapon that combines many of the qualities of both the stick and the blade.  The hawk offers some of the range and kinetic advantages of a stick coupled with the cutting and penetrating capabilities of an edged weapon.  The 90-degree angles formed by the tomahawk's head provide a surface that can be used to hook, control, and manipulate an opponent's limbs.   The ATAC curriculum includes tomahawk striking and cutting methods using the blade/bit, butt/spike, head, cheek, heel, toe, and pommel.  ATAC also encompasses various tactical uses of the tomahawk including door and window breaching, lock busting, and body armor penetration.


End State

Upon completion of Level 1 of this program, the student will have developed the basic skills to carry, deploy, and utilize a tactical tomahawk against single and multiple armed deadly threats.  Students will also leave with the tools to identify their personal shortcomings and a training template for addressing those shortcomings.

Upon completion of Level 2 of this program, the student will have developed a higher level of technical proficiency within the ATAC system and a deeper understanding of the more technical capabilities of the fighting tomahawk.   Students who display the required level of skill and instructor proficiency will be awarded certification as an ATAC Authorized Trainer


Level 1 Course Length:  8 Hours
Level 1 Course Fee:  $200
Level 2 Course Length:  8 Hours
Level 2 Course Fee:  $200
Levels 1 & 2 Combined Length:  16 Hours
Levels 1 & 2 Combined Fee:  $350

Topics Covered

Tomahawk Nomenclature
Footwork, Timing, & Distance
Angles of Attack
Striking & Cutting Methods
Anatomical Targeting
Joint Locking
Anatomical Targeting
Multiple Opponents
Hawk Retention
Ground Fighting
Hawk & Knife
Offensive Mindset
Tactical Applications
Teaching Methodology (Level 2)

Required Equipment

Quality Live Tomahawk
Training Tomahawk
Fixed Blade Training Knife
Eye Protection (recommended)
Groin Protection
Striking Bags
War Post

Training Format

Technical Development
Reflex Enhancement Drills
Cooperative Fighting Drills
Performance on Demand
Force on Force Scenarios
Student Teach-Backs (Level 2)

Advanced Tomahawk Application Concepts