Close Combat Technology for the Modern World
It is the mission of Comprehensive Fighting Systems to research various fighting models and extract the essential elements to produce highly effective martial artists that are not bound by martial arts tradition. While many "blended" martial arts try to add more and more "techniques" from other arts; CFS strives to reduce all fighting methods down to their common movements, analyze those movements, train the movements, and explore the endless practical applications of those movements.
Training Real People for Real Life
We provide training in Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, H2H, & Firearms. We also offer specialized training seminars for law-enforcement agencies, military units, security companies, martial arts schools, private corporations, & civic groups. Women-only courses & private lessons are also available.
Libre Fighting Tucson
Comprehensive Fighting Systems was one of the first Libre Fighting chapters in existence. Libre Fighting is a modern fighting system based primarily on the use of the blade. It is a rapidly growing system with representatives and chapters currently located in the United States, England, Ireland, Indonesia, Bosnia, and Mexico. We are proud to be affiliated with the Libre Fighting Order and continue to teach this devastating blade system, which comprises a large portion of the CFS small blade system.

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Media Coverage


Let's Go Clubbing


This article by Tom Marshall features the ExBatives expandable baton system. Learn why expandable batons aren't just for bashing people in the head

RECOIL Issue 28

The Unusual Suspects

RECOIL Issue 28

See the Active Response Kerambit (ARK) featured in the Unusual Subjects by Patrick Vuong. The ARK appears along side of several other high-quality knives in this Karambit feature.


When is it Reasonable to Draw Your Knife in Self-Defense?


Chad McBroom talks to the staff at about the justification of the use of a knife in a deadly force situation and the legal ramifications of doing so.

RECOIL Issue 32

Exigent Circumstances


RECOIL Magazine's first-ever short story with graphic illustrations! See cameo appearances by Chad McBroom and other industry professionals.

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What Others Are Saying

  • The [Counter-Blade Tactics] material presented situations that were common to something that I might encounter in the real world.   I thought the talk at the end about First aid and wound treatment was very valuable.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and put a lot of information into a short time [in a manner] where it could be retained and possibly used by me in the future.

    John Gordon

    (Counter-Blade Tactics Seminar, Tempe, Arizona)

  • Chad was one of my instructors about eight years ago during my basic law enforcement academy training.  One of the knife defense techniques he taught me actually saved my life!  About two years after I graduated, a bad guy attacked me with a knife and the training I received kicked in and I was able to win the encounter and effect an arrest without injury to myself.

    Law Enforcement Officer

    (ICE, Tucson, Arizona)

  • Chad's attention to detail in his curriculum as well as his dedication to self-improvement is a combination rarely found.  He openly conveys his willingness to change, to hone and to refine all that he has to offer.  He studies relentlessly and is constantly pursuing different view-points to compare and contrast with what his vast experience has taught him.  Basically, Chad McBroom is the type of instructor you want to have in your life.  Take any and every opportunity you have to train from Chad McBroom. You'll be glad you did!

    Chris B. Jácome

    (Crucial Combatives Academy, Mesa, Arizona)

  • I took the CFS ExBatives training seminar.  One of the most practical and flexible systems I've studied.  Mr.  McBroom's approach is relaxed and adaptable to student needs.  He provides excellent information on both specific techniques as well as foundational principles to help you succeed without having to memorize katas or sequence drills.  The ExBatives program is a particularly unique curriculum which helps you utilize your collapsible/expanding baton to its full potential.  Fantastic training.  Highly recommended.  I will be seeking further instruction from CFS in the future.

    Tom Marshall

    (PSD Contractor & RECOIL Magazine Writer, Tucson, Arizona)

  • Outstanding!  I really enjoyed everything Chad had to teach and found his techniques to be very effective,  especially when compared to what is currently being taught by our department.  The counter-blade tactics Chad taught are simple to remember and come pretty much as a natural response.  We have had a lot of success with teaching these tactics to our officers.  The feedback from our officers has been positive all around.  I have a lot of confidence in the tactics we were taught by Chad McBroom.

    Law Enforcement Officer

    (U.S. Border Patrol, Nogales, Arizona)

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